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Seattle, WA

Bundy is a 25 year old artist born and raised in South Seattle. Bundy has always grown up listening to rap music but discovered his love for writing in middle school starting with haiku’s. Bundy’s older brother got him in the studio and once he started rapping, he knew that’s what he wanted to do. He's been making music since high school but released his first mixtape, “Saiyan Sauce,” in 2018 followed by “The Bundy Experience,” “Illusionist,” and most recently “Rainier Boys,” with fellow west coast artist, Sablo. Bundy is currently writing his feature film to go alongside his concept album, "Emeralds Never Fade." His motivation should not come as a surprise, diving into his family tree with Jimi Hendrix being a close relative and growing up with the same woman who raised him (Bundy’s great grandmother, Jimi’s aunt). It’s easy to see Bundy’s inspiration. When asked why he makes music, “It’s not just about money or fame for me. I’m chasing a legacy and in all reality I want to see my family back on top. Jimi didn’t get to enjoy his success for too long once he got it but I’m hoping to change things once I get in a position to do so.” Until then, stay tuned for the next Bundy release. ✌🏾💜

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